Though we know that erectile dysfunction is a problem in many men of the present day world, there are a few who suffer from this just in their thoughts and it is a psychology in them to put themselves down though they might be sexually sound. One major reason for this is the comparison they make while in a group. This happens when they find their cock slightly drooping or deficient in size. Many men forget to understand or realize that size is something that has nothing to do with the performance on the bed but is the ability that speaks about their strong and efficient cock. Such people who are down in just their thoughts and not in their real health will have to hit the doors of some counseling centers at the right time for otherwise, they might be spoiling and affecting their sexual health. These centers try to enlighten people on how size has nothing to do with a satisfied relationship and that there is nothing like a perfect or right size for a penis. This is something very important to be understood because this is where most men go bad in their sexual life not only disappointing themselves but also their spouse. They might, in fact, be very strong in their performance but it might be this put down thought that might be stopping them from experiencing their manliness on the bed. A mental pressure has a direct link and is straight connected to the performance on bed. It is, in fact, a reality that even those with poor penile size can actually perform better when they are strong from within and have the confidence to perform good and great on the bed. So a mentally disturbed person is a weak person too in his sexual life. A strong mental and psychological health is an indicator for a healthy and happy sexual life.